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Zimbabwe - The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission announces the fees structure for inspecting the voters roll scheduled for 19-29 May 2018


  • Local observers- $10
  • African observers $120
  • Embassy observers $150
  • Non African observers $10
  • Journalists from Africa- $20
  • Zimbabwean journalists accredited with the Zimbabwe Media Commission and working in the country for foreign media houses- $50
  • Local journalists- $10 

Zimbabwe  - Thokozani Khupe of the MDC-T party breakaway party faction is expected to launch it's party manifesto this weekend in Bulawayo.


Zimbabwe - National Patriotic Front (NPF), a party endorsed by former President Robert Mugabe has cancelled its party launch.



Section 67 of the constitution which speaks upon political rights clearly stipulates that citizens have a right to participate in all elections. Initiatives to hold primary elections in various constituencies during a time when university students are at their various tertiary institutions becomes a crystal clear move to exclude them and in the process ultimately infringing their constitutional right.

ZANU PF manifesto is founded upon the acknowledgement that the country is in a new dispensation under the leadership of ZANU PF. Major focus being opening the country for business, creating jobs, modernising the public sector and promoting investment, economic empowerment re-aligning to an investor friendly trajectory growth leading to economic growth and employment creation.

Sunday Mail - ZANU PF's Politburo has endorsed the condaidature of just below 2,000 cadres who won intra-party polls to represent the ruling party in the 2018 harmonised elections.


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