Tuesday, 27 March 2018 17:53

The 2018 Election Debate

The following are some of the highlights of the event.

The first debate series attended by 9 of the political parties that will be running for the 2018 elections. RDZ, Dare, NPP, MDC-T, Mavambo, PDP, ZAPU, MDC, ZUNDE, NCA, BZA.


Delegates from political parties in the audience were also present to help their Debators.

A staggering 107 political parties have indicated to Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC), that they are participating in the 2018 Elections.

ZimPF says as a party their commitment to Section 56 it is mandatory, abiding by the law of the country.

People’s Democratic Party (PDP), says they adhere to the principles and practice of reserving 30% of leadership seats in each structure.

MDC says devolution starts at home, and women being given power to represent people, with a 30% quota

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), says they have not paid lip service to the issue of gender equality in political leadership, but practices it.

Activists argued that the notion of 30% is being on going for years. Even the United Nations (UN), has only 13% of gender equality.

Audience also brought up the issue of 170 parties has what percentage of gender balance?

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