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21st Nov 2017

The day for which Zimbabwean's have been waiting for has finally arrived. Mugabe is no more head of State, the oldest at age 93.


20th Nov 2017

War Veterans held a press conference in which they said Mugabe needs to accept that his rule is over & to stop dragging his feet. Chris Mutsvangwa also called on Zimbabweans to take to the streets once again on 21st Nov 2017 to march in protest & push further for Mugabe to resign.March will include a sit in until Mugabe is gone.

19th Nov 2017

President Robert Mugabe was expected to say goodbye to the nation in his most awaited address but to the shock of people and international community he did not say, he is resigning as was expected by all.


19th Nov 2017

Delegates at Zanu PF Headquarters burst into song and dance in a meeting which is preparing to expel President Robert Mugabe.

 Mugabe's wife  Grace Mugabe is expelled from Party. While Mugabe is ousted as party leader. Next Parliament to vote Mugabe out if he does not resign.

18th Nov 2017


Thousands of Zimbabweans across the divide of religion or color came together as a nation in solidarity with the Defense Armed Forces (DAF). At Zimbabwe Grounds in High fields suburb of the capital various political parties, churches, Politicians, & many others attended. People  proceeded towards the State House passing through the busy Simon Mazorodze rd with singing & marching while others used buses, long haul trucks, pick ups, vehicles or any moving object holding placards of various demands.The capitals Freedom Square & Streets around Harare were resembling an ocean of people. Passing through Army soldiers, their trucks & Tankers.

The armed forces showed a professional and friendly conduct. By the end of the day the public was informed of talks with President Mugabe & a statement would be issued once a deal has been agreed upon.


17th Nov 2017

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWV), Chairman Chris Mutsvangwa today addressed a press conference in Harare and commended the Zimbabwe Defense Forces (ZDF),  for taking power from President Mugabe. He also confirmed the military  has arrested the, cabinet ministers Jonathan Moyo, Ignatious Chombo and Saviour Kasukuwere. His message to Zimbabwe is that its now time for people to come together and build their country by setting political difference aside and urged the naation to attend tomorrow's march in their numbers.


President Jacob Zuma, of South Africa who is also the chairperson of Southern African Development Community (SADC), said making any comments on Zimbabwe’s situation would be premature to say or make any decisions.



Both press conferences took place late fternoon in which the main key point was the issue of elections. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T), called for a transitional authority to prepare for free & fair elections in the coming year of 2018.

Whereas, Joyce Mujuru stressed on elections being a way forward for the nation.


Zimbabwe's War Veterans Association led by Victor Matemadanda during a press conference at  Harare Chambers said they are happy with the Army intervention to stop President Robert Mugabe from introducing a Dynasty.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander Constantino Chiwenga  addressed the media in Harare on the disturbances in the ruling party ZANU - PF which he said is causing chaotic in the government and causing instability in the country. He also urged President Mugabe to be wary of counter revolutionaries. 


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