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It could be a reprieve for political heavy weights like Chris Mutsvangwa, as a letter is circulating in social media of election re-run letter from ZANU PF, which reads;
29th October 2017 - DAY 4 Opposition Rial Odinga gets a heroe’s welcome in Kawangware, where ethnic violence has erupted after rival groups clashed. The violence in the Nairobi County has seen properties torched of which most belonged to Kenyatta’s Kikuyu tribe. While reports of a person were being killed belonged to Odinga’s Luo group. The residents of belonging to the two parties armed themselves. Odinga spoke to worshippers during church saying “They were there to give consolation & their support to all who lost their loved ones, who were beaten & who lost their belongings alongside livelihoods”. In 2007, over 1000 Kenyans lost their lives in various violent clashes. So far since August 2017 to date 50 deaths are reported.
25th October 2017 Kenya's Uhuru, addressed the nation from the state house on the eve of re - run of elections asking all Kenyan's to unite for the prosperity of the country. He urged all Kenyan's to come out and vote as they did previously in August 2016.
Egyptians will vote on the last day of the polls in an election that is expected to thrust President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in a sweeping victory.
30th October 2017 - DAY 5 Kenya election commission to declare Presidential results this afternoon. The IEBC, calls off repeat polls in 25 constituencies. The oppositions Raila Odinga is also expected to make his statement today.
The following are some of the highlights of the event. The first debate series attended by 9 of the political parties that will be running for the 2018 elections. RDZ, Dare, NPP, MDC-T, Mavambo, PDP, ZAPU, MDC, ZUNDE, NCA, BZA.
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